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Happiness is all I want for my Idol

With the rumors of Sho-chan's lover/soon to be marriage has totally shaken the fandom. Some had accepted it and was happy for him while some was in denial but still wishes for him to be and there also others who has hated him for it. And that how fandom works.

Marriage has always been an unavoidable circumstances when it comes to the boys after all they're not growing any younger. There will be times in which they would want to settle down with someone and create a family that they would love and cherish which is why for us fans that is something that we must accept.

To be honest, it's quite amusing to read each and everyone's comments about Sho-chan's rumor for this is how I can truly tell how much fans care and love him.

But I can never deny the fact that there still those fans who can't understand the boys feelings of wanting to be happy with someone they treasure and that hurts a lot.

Especially when I saw this picture on twitter :(. I don't know who said it or whose the person that he/she is talking about but by knowing that there are people who can actually say such a thing is truly saddening

It's true that we are the reason why Arashi is popular and it's also true that we are the reason why all of their albums, singles, concert, bangumis, dramas/movies and also their other projects became a success but I would also want to remind those who can't see the fact that without their hardwork, they would never have us.

if they have us just because they are pretty boys with pretty voices then I'll gladly say that that's not the reason why I would want to be their fan.

Minna, I want you to remember that they themselves was well aware that back then, they were supposed to be gone due to the fact that everything wasn't going all too well for them and yet they managed it all because we had seen how much hardwork they did in order to give us an entertainment that we'll surely love. Songs that would convey they're love for their fans, Fantastic concerts that would make us feel how close we are to them.

All of those were their works while thinking of us and to say/act as if we own them is beyond unthinkable. They are not slaves that would forever work for us in order to make us smile but a person who only wants to repay us through their hardwork. And for that, all a fan could ever wish for his/her Idol is to see his/her achievement until the end.

And if getting married is one of his/her achievement then let's smile and accept it. Because in the end, their lives was not something that we can hold forever.
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